I am a 20-year-old photographer and student. I almost went to college for photography in New York City, but sometimes I believe fate, not just financial aid, swept in to save me from it—I think I’d have dropped out by now. I study French and music education with a focus on classical voice now (which was its own twist of fate), and am based out of Rochester, New York during the school year, but call Minnesota home. 

As I got later into high school, more and more began to affect photography’s place in my life: the changing landscape of Instagram and slowly losing the community I had there, visual art getting overtaken in my life by music before I even really noticed, and a several-month brush with some big names in fine art photography that was life-changing but also left me fumbling to ensure my work was “meaningful” enough after internalizing a narrow view of what photographic art should be. While I write songs in my spare time and plan to be a music teacher, photography is still on a slow burn, and I’ve spent the last few years gradually deconstructing and reconstructing my relationship with it, in hopes of building a career there in some form. I work with both film and digital, but recently I have been working in 35mm because it has helped me be more casual about art-making and it allows me to photograph as a diary and not with a gallery wall in mind. (originally written for Uniquely Aligned)

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  • University of Rochester, 2017-Present (B.A., French)
  • Eastman School of Music, 2018–Present (B.M., Music Education)
  • The Winnebago Workshop with Alec Soth, 2016




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I am available for portrait sessions and press kit photos, as well as some events!

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