Zophia Dadlez is a 20 year old visual artist and musician from the Twin Cities, currently pursuing a BM in Music Education at the Eastman School of Music concurrently with a BA in French at the University of Rochester. She was accepted to NYU Tisch for a photography BFA, but it cost too damn much to attend and she turned out to love Rochester far more. (She's always had a weird affinity for Upstate New York). 

She loves overpriced coffee, her triplet siblings, college a cappella, exploring mid-sized cities, and occasionally wearing the costume she wore as Patty Simcox in the musical Grease as a normal outfit.

She hopes to accomplish a lot someday, but has healthily relinquished a long-standing fixation on being a child prodigy and accomplishing a lot right now. 

Her photographic process is ever-changing, using digital, 35mm and disposable cameras and various editing techniques to create little worlds.


- University of Rochester, 2017-Present

- Eastman School of Music, 2018–Present

- The Winnebago Workshop with Alec Soth, 2016

Exhibitions + Print

-  Retrace Your Steps, Rookie Magazine, November 2018

Saved For a Rainy Day, Rookie Magazine, October 2018

Between Sleeping and Waking, Rookie Magazine, August 2016

Scene Report: The Winnebago Workshop, Rookie Magazine, June 2016

- The Winnebago Workshop Student Exhibition, Brooklyn, NY, July 2016

- "The Wapello Show", The Winnebago Workshop, Eldon, IA, June 2016


In addition to her photography and classical training, Zophia writes her own music. More information can be found here. 


For commission requests, questions, or just to get in touch, say hello by email!


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